Diode Laser hair removal machine

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Model: Diode Master


The laser diode is a de-focused laser that Stimulated emission semiconductor device, normally using this wavelength 808nm for laser hair removal. These devices emit a monochromatic light beam and able to reach the hair bulb in a selective manner and hit it with the heat without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Diode master
808 nm diode laser
Optimized hair removal system ( any hair color & all skin types)

Features(Laser type):
Diode laser Wave length: 808 nm
Laser output power: 800 w
Shot Frequency: 1 to 10 HZ
Spot size: 10*15(mm)
Energy density: 1-120 J/cm
Power requirement: 220 VAC , 50 HZ

Advantages :
1 – Micro pulse treatment ,pain free , safe , no burning
2 – Exclusive&Excellent sapphire
3 – Exclusive cooling chiller
4 – Powerful contact cooling

5 - Higher peak power
6 - Shorter pulse durations
7 - Reduced lateral heating
8 - Increased hair removal efficacy

Dr. Toraj Maleki
Given that this device has shown a high impact on short hair removal in a short period of time, it is hereby approved.
Dr. Leila Shahpouri
Due to the domestic production of this device is cost effective and the cost of after-sales service and consumption of the device is very low due to excellent performance.

Anil Hair Removal Clinic
This machine is approved by the clinic for performance and due to the large number of customers throughout the day the cooling and cooling system is excellent.
Dr. Mohammad Taghi Mirbabai
Given that this machine is domestically manufactured, it is very cost-effective in terms of maintenance and maintenance costs, and without the pain of this laser device, it attracts more customers and subsequently low hair removal effects at lower sessions than other devices. The laser is approved by me

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