Diode Laser hair removal machine

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Model: Diode Master


The laser diode is a de-focused laser that Stimulated emission semiconductor device, normally using this wavelength 808nm for laser hair removal. These devices emit a monochromatic light beam and able to reach the hair bulb in a selective manner and hit it with the heat without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Diode master
808 nm diode laser
Optimized hair removal system ( any hair color & all skin types)

Features(Laser type):
Diode laser Wave length: 808 nm
Laser output power: 800 w
Shot Frequency: 1 to 10 HZ
Spot size: 10*15(mm)
Energy density: 1-120 J/cm
Power requirement: 220 VAC , 50 HZ

Advantages :
1 – Micro pulse treatment ,pain free , safe , no burning
2 – Exclusive&Excellent sapphire
3 – Exclusive cooling chiller
4 – Powerful contact cooling

5 - Higher peak power
6 - Shorter pulse durations
7 - Reduced lateral heating
8 - Increased hair removal efficacy

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