Electrosurgery Machine

  • کد: 640880
Model: Surgium

This machine is a radiofrequency electrosurgery unit like a knife that can cutting and coagulating the tissue without the destroying it.

SURGIUM CCM-60 is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit for minor monopolar in dental, dermatology and first aid. Surgium CCM-60 through the function selection makes pure cut, cut coagulation (blend), pure coagulation and micro coagulation possible. Digital controller and displays guarantees safety and reliability under any conditions.

- Two modes for cut. Two modes for coagulation.
- Two separated displays to indicate power of cut and coagulation mode.
- Cut and coagulation actuation via foot pedals or hand pencil buttons.
- CQM (Contact Quality Monitoring) system for neutral electrode contact with patient body.


Dr. Hassanzadeh
In addition to being used for Belfarro cases, this device works very quickly and easily for more sensitive and delicate surgeries. Support and training was excellent.

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