Carboxy Therapy Machine

  • کد: 640695
Model: Carbocure

Carboxy therapy is a method for rejuvenation and wherever the physician want to increase micro circulation of blood.This method based on CO2 gas injection under the skin. in this technique physician use a machine to control the speed (flow) and volume of CO2 gas. The gas is suppling from a cylinder and it regulated and controlled by the system.


Innovative Injection

Eye dark circle
Strech mark

Abdominal Obesity
V-line Shaping

Precise outward flow rate : 5~500 [cc/min]
Volume controlling : 5~5000 [cc]
UV-C strellization outgoing gas
Smart warmer for pain reduction
Auto cleaning processor
Feedback control and calibration
CO2 purity control sensor accuracy (70 p.p.m)

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