Carboxy Therapy Machine

  • کد: 640695
Model: Carbocure

Carboxy therapy is a method for rejuvenation and wherever the physician want to increase micro circulation of blood.This method based on CO2 gas injection under the skin. in this technique physician use a machine to control the speed (flow) and volume of CO2 gas. The gas is suppling from a cylinder and it regulated and controlled by the system.


Innovative Injection

Eye dark circle
Strech mark

Abdominal Obesity
V-line Shaping

Precise outward flow rate : 5~500 [cc/min]
Volume controlling : 5~5000 [cc]
UV-C strellization outgoing gas
Smart warmer for pain reduction
Auto cleaning processor
Feedback control and calibration
CO2 purity control sensor accuracy (70 p.p.m) (Lecturer of Laser Courses)
Thanks to Ronak Taghizara Company I have been using the carboxy machine for many years and I am fully satisfied with the effects of this treatment, applying the important parameters of this treatment in the manufacture of the device was observed and my reason for buying this was the first device. Approved by the Ministry of Health in the Iranian market
Dr. Yasri Jahangiri
Hi, I was looking for a South Korean machine that had delayed the high price of my Korean machine, and I got acquainted with Ronak Tazra Ara, and buying a carboxy machine from this company both reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Dr. Elham Behrangi (Head of Dermatology Department of Iran University of Medical Sciences)
Due to the standards of device design and clinical courses conducted by academic centers, this device is approved by me.

Ms. Azadeh Goodarzi (dermatologist, assistant professor and faculty member of Iran University of Medical Sciences)
Due to the price of the machine and the parameters observed in the machine due to the excellent performance of this device is approved.

Mr Dr Foad reda  (Slavmed clinic Armenia)
It is very important to observe the scientific point of view in the carboxy device, which can be clearly seen in the carboxy Ronak equipment.

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