Cavitation Radiofrequency

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slim master


This machine use combination of Ultrasound and RF wave, ultrasound makes Cavitation on fat cells and release content of lipocytes and RF cause to Lymphatic drainage and also skin tightening and Remove Wrinkles and fine lines.


Intensive physical lipolysis to remove surplus fat Lymphatic

Treatment Skin Refinement

Skin Rejuvenation

Soften hard fat tissue

break up lipocytes

Remove Wrinkles and fine lines

Body shaping Effective on removing Whelk and Scars


Three probe for RF
MAX RF Energy : 200W
Pulse type: continuous/pulsed
RF frequency : 4 MHz


Dr. Vakili
The short-term effectiveness of the device is amazing The service and support of Ronak Tajmaz is admirable

Dr. Hosseini Rad Andimeshk
Working with the device is very convenient and has no complexity. Training during delivery is complete and comprehensive.

Dr. Ahmadzadeh Kerman
The after-sales service of the company, low device consumption, fast device effectiveness and excellent customer support

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