Radiofrequency (RF) machine

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Model: Dermatic
This machine work on base of ohm law , generate and send radiofrequency current into the tissue to contraction the collagen that cause to tight and lift the skin.
Skin tightening , improve skin elasticity 
Skin lifting
Improve condition of sagging skin
Wrinkle removal
Lymphatic treatment 
Burn surplus  fat
2 different heads : bipolar(face and forehead ) , 
tripolar (around eye ) 
Output frequency : 1 MHz ( 20 Hz modulated ) 
Output power : 50 W @ 50 Ohm
input : 220 v AC   1A   50 Hz
Weight : 1.2 Kg
Dimension(L*W*H): 4.5*14*24 cm
Dr. Ahmadpour
Effectiveness and change are quite evident in the first session, one of the important points of the Hays is its low consumption.
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